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Doug Tang

Guitar & Vocals 

A self-taught musician from the onset, Doug has grown to appreciate playing all genres and styles of music and what they offer.  From his many years as a busy professional musician he has extensive performance experience at all sizes of venues, festivals, casinos, and stadiums.

In the 1990s he also demonstrated songwriting abilities with on-stage performances of his original music and studio track recordings of his guitar, bass, keyboards and vocal work.  

He gained worldwide notoriety during his tenure in Def Repplica – The Def Leppard Tribute as ‘Steve Clark’.  He was also part of another ‘super tribute’ 80’s rock band called Monsters of Mock – complete with all the costuming, equipment and signature moves required to convincingly portray Richie Sambora, Mick Mars, Slash and CC Deville.

He has gained respected recognition from his lead guitar performances as a member with MN based bands Dream League, Crash Course, Jezebelle, and Audio Circus.   

 An excitable stage presence, high energy moves, dedicated showmanship and fun attitude are what you can expect from this entertainer every time he takes the stage.  

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