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Stephanie Restifo


I have been singing since I was a little girl.  My first memory of being on stage in front of a crowd of people was when I won 1st Place at the Raisinville Elementary School talent show in the 1st grade singing the Shirley Temple classic, ‘Animal Crackers In My Soup’ (complete with choreography).  Everyone loved it, except for the 6th grade boy who won 2nd Place.

I continued to sing in various choirs over the years, including a traveling choir in the 9th grade (shout out to the Freedom Singers at MJHS), other school concert/competition choirs, and the church choir.  Sometimes the Pastor at my church would ask me to sing solos for Sunday services or Holidays and I would jump at the chance, because I loved it so much. I still get that same jittery feeling in my belly as I did back then just before the start of a show.  

In my younger years, I learned to play the flute (concert band and marching band years were fun!) and I also spent some time taking piano and guitar lessons, but singing was what I loved most.  However, I sure wish I had stuck with that piano thing…keyboard players are gold, as I would later realize.


I am extremely honored to have been able to sing the National Anthem for different sporting events in the school district my kids attended.  

I am also thankful to have had the opportunity to sing with some really awesome groups over the years, like Rough House, Zodiac Click, Moonshyne, High & Mighty, Code Red, Critical Mass, Lady Luck, Music Junkies, Stunning Flaws, Shelby’s Voyage, and a few others.

I spent years singing karaoke and wondering what it would be like to be the lead vocalist in a cool band!  I am very grateful for these kick-ass guys I get to share the stage with. They are so talented and I love our energy when we are together, on stage and off.  I am one lucky girl!